I’ll never be thankful enough for the career changing experience you’ve afforded me visiting your academy. It was an absolute pleasure being able to engage in your presence, absorbing as much as I could. I truly feel as if I received more than I looked forward to!
Darnell (aka Creese)


The Wig Room Training Academy - Students at work These are full time courses designed to get you ‘job ready’. They run Mon-Friday, 10.00am to 4.30pm for 12 weeks with a week’s break halfway through the term. Please see below for a full breakdown.

Cost of 12 week full time course is £8000 (£1000 deposit non-returnable)
The Wig Room Training Academy - Studio working in the studio One day Taster Courses are also available. These are designed for anyone who may be thinking about a career in hairdressing in the Industry. You will receive an understanding of how the industry works as well as spending the day styling and applying wigs of your own creation. Wigs and all equipment is supplied.

Cost of One Day Taster Course £150.00
Cost of Short Courses (3-5 days) £150.00 per day
The Wig Room Training Academy - Queen Elizabeth 1 Wig These courses are designed around your specific requirements and experience. If there is a particular period that you would like to learn, or anything specific you need more experience/guidance, then this is the course for you.

Cost of Tailor Made Courses: £150.00 per day
The Wig Room Training Academy - Victorian Red Hair Wig with Pearls These are designed for Professionals who are currently working and would like a refresher in hair and wig dressing, applying, hair prepping etc. They are designed to meet your requirements.

Cost of Refresher Courses: £150.00 per day
The Wig Room Training Academy - Drag Wig for Cannes We also offer a Drag Wig Service where you can bring or send in your wigs for a shampoo and set. Delivery service available. We run courses for Drag wig maintenance. Learn how to maintain your wig when you're out on the road!

Wig Maintenance course: One/two days @ £150 per day


I’m feeling very proud and blessed to revisit Vincenza at The Wig Room Training Academy today. I completed a 3 month course in May this year and have since hit the ground running! I felt I was taught the techniques I needed to understand and flourish in the industry.


Here is a breakdown of your experience on the training course and what you will receive.

1. You will be taught by a professional tutor (myself) with over 30 years of experience. I have also completed an AET Teacher Training Course as set by City and Guilds. Courses will run with a maximum of eight students so each one of you will receive ample one to one tuition.

2. You will be taught all aspects of period hairdressing on each other as well as on synthetic and lace front wigs. IMG_20170714_160528_557You will be taught the necessary skills to succeed in all three sectors ie. TV, film and theatre industries.

3. You will be taught in a professional wig studio using professional high tech equipment.

4. All training given throughout the course will relate to the precise skills required for the industry. The course also includes etiquette, (the do’s and don’ts) when working with actors. This is essential for longevity.

LILLIAN, VENICE AND FAY AT WORK5. You will receive a professional brush kit consisting of various sizes and shapes of brushes and combs which you can take to your professional jobs.

6. You will learn about period make up from a professional makeup artist currently working in the industry.

7. The course is designed to be 100% practical, enjoyable and fun and to teach students to work as a team as well as confidence boosting.

8. You will receive a certificate on completion of the course.

9. Students who show skill, aptitude and commitment will receive work experience either in a West End Theatre or on a film/TV set.

10. You will have built up a portfolio of your work as evidence of your skills.


I wanted to thank you personally! I did my first Snow White wig today and the team is so happy with me and how I catch on straight away with the techniques for all the different wigs! I told them I got some crafty hints from a teacher in London (you!) – I owe most of my confidence to you!!


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